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Community Post: 13 Reasons Why Digimon Is Awesome

1. Little-known fact: Digimon ranked first place in Nielsen ratings.

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According to the Nielsen Ratings, Digimon was the number one show within the 6-11 year old age group, even beating out the Pokemon series.

2. The nostalgia

Admit it. The best part about coming home from a long day of classes was to catch up with the latest episode of Digimon, along with other after-school favorites like Pokemon and Sailor Moon. I can’t be the only one. How else could Digimon reach the top of the Nielsen charts?

3. You don’t have to study a “foreign” language.

There’s no need to strain your brain wondering what “Pika pikapika pikachu!” means because digimon can speak human language. With the money you save from not buying a Digimon-English dictionary, you could splurge on 4 extra-value meals or 12 boxes of ramen noodles.

4. Digimon isn’t just another consumerism ploy in disguise.

Yes, like a lot of other shows, Digimon has their line of video games, cards, and collectibles, but the show doesn’t emphasize on the material goods. You don’t have to buy a thousand cards, spinning tops, or action figures to feel like a true fan.

5. Digimon mean serious business.

Digimon isn’t about arenas, card duels, or the like. Digimon are too busy kicking ass and saving the world than to bother with trivial matters like trying to catch ‘em all or striving to be the best top-spinner ever.

6. Digimon can go back and forth in between levels.

Unlike Pokemon, Digimon can evolve (aka digivolve) and switch between their rookie to mega forms. Once Pikachu evolves to Raichu, there’s no turning back, but digimon don’t have to worry about staying in a certain form permanently.

7. Digimon are badass.

Whether they have the snarl, the guns, the armor, light sabers, claws, or all of the above, you have to admit that these digimon are pretty cool.

8. Even the girls are kickass.

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No matter if they’re heroines or villains, these girls are a force to be reckoned with. In this universe, the girls don’t go down without a fight and the female villains are just as intimidating as their male counterparts, if not scarier.

9. You get to hear a lot of familiar voices.

They might have played some of your favorite characters in other shows, why not check the voice actors’ work in Digimon?

10. There’s a different season for everyone’s tastes.

One of the best things about Digimon is that every season is different. If you’re into random and outlandish things, you might get a kick out of Digimon Adventure. If you like sci-fi and secret organizations, check out Digimon Tamers or Digimon Data Squad.

11. The characters have background stories.

Whether they have family problems, question their morals, struggle with self-doubt, or mourn a best friend, digimon and human beings alike can come with their own emotional baggage.

12. The jokes are priceless.

The amount of humorous situations, dialogue and obnoxious, witty, or just plain idiotic characters keep the show lighthearted and fun.

13. The deleted scenes.

A cougar picks up a young, blond hottie. No, it’s not a trashy novel. It’s what happens when a bunch of kids try to hitchhike back home. This isn’t the only questionable scene, but you won’t find them in the US version of the show. Thanks to the internet, you can watch these scenes unfold in another language dub or the original Japanese.

Of course, these are only several of the reasons why Digimon is awesome.

The list could go on and on, but if you don’t believe it, check Digimon out for yourself. Dub or no dub, Digimon is an action-packed show suitable for all ages. It has its mature and serious for adults, yet it’s upbeat enough to keep the kids entertained. So what are you waiting for? Watch Digimon on your TV set, your laptop, or buy the DVD box sets if you want. Don’t knock it till you try it!

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