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Community Post: 14 Problems Only Blondes Understand

1. You’re so over blonde jokes and people assuming you’re dumb.

2. Your eyelashes are blonde too, so you always have to wear mascara.

3. But any time you put on eye makeup, you risk looking like a raccoon.

4. Your eyebrows are either invisible or way darker than the rest of your hair.

Thank you, Cara Delevingne, for making this cool.

5. Your hair changes color with the season.

6. It also takes color much more easily than other peoples’, so you have to be careful with “temporary” dyes and rinses.

7. Shopping for blonde shampoo can be confusing and overwhelming.

“Am I a platinum blonde, honey blonde, ash blonde, or champagne blonde?”

8. If you go more than a day without washing your hair, it looks ombré.

14 Problems Only Blondes Understand

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9. People always ask if you dye your hair.

10. Or worse, if the “carpet matches the drapes.”

11. Your hair looks greasy and even wet if you put too much product in it.

12. You’ve had at least one incident with Sun-In gone wrong.

13. At some point in your life, your hair color has been described as “dishwater.”

Because that’s exactly what you want your hair to be compared to…dirty dishwater.

14. If you don’t wash your hair after going to the pool, the chlorine turns it green.

Whatever, at least you don’t have visible body hair!

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