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Community Post: 14 Struggles All Seasonal Allergy Sufferers Know To Be True


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Here’s a few reasons why fall is the worst:

1. You know allergy season is here.

2. All of a sudden you’re just…itchy.

3. You’re dying inside when you have pollen everywhere.

4. The “rub-my-temples-til-i pass-out-from-pain” headaches.

So much pressure. So little happiness.

5. Drinking so much liquid so your throat/tongue doesn’t catch on fire.

6. Taking meds daily so you can LIVE. YOUR. LIFE.

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7. And then freaking out cause it says 24 hours and you don’t want to OD.

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8. Knowing you’re gonna end up looking like Hitch if you don’t.

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^Your WORST nightmare

9. Adding Nasacort to the routine cause your allergies are so advanced that 24 hr Allegra D just doesn’t cut it.

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10. People getting mad at you for sneezing more than 3 times.

11. Wishing you could just wear sunglasses all day to hide your red eyes.

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12. People telling you “Gosh you look tired.”

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13. Trying to tell your friends you’d rather stay in than go on a hayride, cause well, you’d die.

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14. And then watching your friends frolic around in leaves and shit.

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It’s a struggle, but winter is more your style anyway.

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