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Community Post: 14 Underrated K-Pop Songs You’ve Been Missing Out On

1. John Park — “U”

I’m sorry, do you hear this voice?! Easily one of the best songs of the year.

2. Lee Michelle — “Without You”

The music video gives you all sorts of feels and her singing is just so RIGHT.

3. SPEED — “Look At Me Now”

Their dancing is fantastic and they definitely deserve more views.

4. C-Clown — “Tell Me”

Probably one of the best songs from their album. Plus, I will never get over Rome’s voice. Ever.

5. CROSS GENE — “Amazing Bad Lady”

Because we will never forget that dance.

6. Ladies Code — “Bad Girl”

It was a heartbreaking year for Ladies Code, but we need to be reminded of how freaking amazing their debut was. Ladies Code fighting!

7. Megan Lee — “8dayz”

This is the kind of song you want to blast in the car during the summer. Check out the English version here.

8. NELL — “White Night”

Such emotions. Much love.

9. SPICA — “Painkiller”

Their voices are killer and they know it.

10. Younha — “Nothing”

Love this acoustic version of the song. Her singing is beyond amazing, and you can watch another one of her videos here.

11. JJCC — “At First”

Guys. Jackie Chan has an idol group and they’re amazing. Can’t get over this song and Eddy’s voice is LIFE.

12. M.I.B. — “Dash”

Can we just take a moment to appreicate Kangnam’s hair?? And you know everyone will be doing that dance every time this song comes on.

13. M4M — “Sadness”

OK, so this may be Chinese, but either way these guys deserve way more views. They also made a Korean version here.

14. Dalshabet — “있기 없기”

Hilarious. Just hilarious. Such a funky song and video. They actually made two versions of the song, and both are seriously addictive.

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