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Community Post: 15 Glorious Reasons To Change Your Mind About The Adult Onesie

1. Diana Aztec Printed onesie: $50

It’s possible this thing just changed my mind about the dropped-crotch as well.

2. OnePiece Lillehammer onesie in dark grey: $289

Perfectly reasonable to wear in public — that is, if you can bear to tear yourself away from the fireplace of your ski chalet.

3. OnePiece Original Lightweight onesie in navy: $159

There’s so much yes going on here that the middle-school-Delia’s-obsessed-me is actually. imploding.

4. Lightweight USA Stars and Stripes onesie: $209

Did someone say “Independence Day BBQ”??? Fuck yeah, ‘Merica!! (And apparently this thing is soooo “lightweight” it’s borderline NSFW, which…I guess is good for summer weather?)

5. Wolverine Footed onesie: $59.99

This is basically a panted hoodie made from your childhood bedsheets — of course you want this.

6. Owl Zip-Front Hooded onesie: $50*

*UGGs, thankfully, not included.

7. Grey Mouse Footed onesie: $49.99

Don’t worry — you’re not required to ever stand like this when you wear this thing.

8. Bunny onesie: (price N/A)

Unfortunately, this limited edition piece by Blamo Toys is no longer available for purchase. (And once again, a pair of boots ruins a perfectly good adult onesie.)

9. ASOS Zebra onesie: $64.49

Possibly the best use of zebra print I have ever ever seen.

Bonus: it looks amazing when you prance!!

I believe you have just found your new Prancercise uniform.

10. Pink Pig Fleece onesie: $59.80

The only article of clothing you need in Food Coma Heaven. And look at it’s stinkin’ cheeks!!!

11. Totoro onesie: Approximately $25

Want. Want. WantWantWantlakfahgalfdjksfdfjlaf;oanv;

(bidding on this item is at about $25 right now)

12. Rainbow Bear Romper onesie: $84.72

You will absolutely be the coolest kid at the rave/birthday party/everysingleplaceyougo.

13. Golden Unicorn Pajama onesie: $78

This amazing onesie is not only a unicorn…

14. And finally, Max’s “Where The Wild Things Are” onesie: $119.88

Yes, the very first onesie you ever obsessed about is available for adults.

And just in case you’re still not convinced…

15. …onesies are 100% Miley approved!

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