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Community Post: 15 Retro Pastimes Unrivalled By Modern Technology

1. Tamagotchi

Tamagotchis (and Dinkie Dinos and all the other replicas) were amazing. No fancy pants retina display needed… just a keyring sized piece of kit with a seemingly endless battery life.

I paid more attention to my Tamagotchi than I did to my real guinea pig.

2. Cat’s Cradle

All you need is a bit of wool and a willing friend and you’re entertained for hours.

3. Hopscotch

The only time it’s acceptable to paint on the ground. Failing paints, chalk will do the job (but beware of the rain).

4. POGS!

Best. Thing. Ever.

5. Hungry Hippos

This game used to descend into carnage in my house, on one occasion resulting in a plastic-hippo induced finger injury that put me out of Hungry-Hippo-action for several days. Sad times.

6. Where’s Wally

The only book that could keep my attention on a single page for more than a few minutes! I’d spend hours hunting for Wally’s famous stripy sweater and I’m not the only one. The spectacled character still has a cult following with people even dressing up as Wally on nights out all these years later.

7. The Furby

Adorable. Actually adorable.

8. Slinkies


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A bit of plastic and a staircase, combined to produce endless entertainment

9. Subbuteo

Forget Fifa. The best footballing gaming doesn’t come from games consoles and technically complex games. No. The best footballing gaming needs only a sheet of green felt, a mini plastic football and some little plastic men. Oh, Subbuteo, how we love you.

10. Scalextric

Real Racing? Gran Turismo? Drive Club? I don’t care how immersive the graphics are, modern console racing games are no substitute for a good old Scalextric tournament.

11. Marbles

There were countless potential games you could play with marbles and they were all amazing.

12. Mousetrap

It took forever to set up but was worth every single minute.

13. Bogey Carting

Forget Mario Kart! It’s got nothing on risking life and limb flying down the steepest hill near your house on a homemade ‘bogey’ with no brakes. Yes, bones were broken. And they were the best bone breaks of our childhoods.

14. Twister

Dating back to the 1960s, Twister is one of the more timeless games of all time. Fun for kids and even more fun for grown ups when combined with drinking game rules.

15. Scratch Velcro Catch and Throw Game

No summer was complete without it.

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