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Community Post: 15 Signs You’re Addicted To Travel

1. 1. You’ve seen almost every episode of House Hunters International and you are already planning out the episode where you’re the house hunter.

2. 2. You’re more excited about your next adventure than you are about Christmas.

3. 3. All your friends and family know that you either want money or ticket vouchers for your birthday and/or Christmas. You need nothing else.

4. 4. You have a travel fund jar.

5. 5. You think maps are the most beautiful decoration.

6. 6. You know that your desire to discover new parts of the world will never be satisfied. It only increases with each trip.

7. 7. You consider traveling your ongoing degree. You never stop learning.

8. 8. You don’t believe you can get “lost.”

15 Signs You're Addicted To Travel

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9. 9. You start to experience withdrawals if you wait too long between trips.

10. 10. You don’t understand when someone tells you they’re content never leaving their state. ARE YOU SPEAKING ENGLISH?

11. 11. 97% of your life goals include travel.

12. 12. Your life is a series of trips and the time in between the last trip and the next.

13. 13. You constantly crave the feeling of being in a city where no one knows your name.

14. 14. You spend AT LEAST an hour a day browsing travel blogs, quotes, and pictures.

15. 15. And finally, you feel that you would surely die if you were forced to stay in the same place the rest of your life.

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