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Community Post: 15 Times Ke$ha Taught Us How To Be A Queen

1. Punk Rock Queen

“Don’t f*ck with crazy b*tches, boys. We’ll eat you!” – Ke$ha

2. “Don’t f**k with me” Queen

Bow down, b*tches, but don’t mess with the hair.

3. Rainbow, Cowboy Queen

You know what’s going down? The haters, that’s who. Timber!

4. The Original Tongue-Out Queen

That’s cute, Miley, but start taking notes!

5. Magical (Dare I Say Godlike?) Queen

Yes, Ke$ha, it is time to let all of the love back in the light. (Look it up!)

6. Laser-Shooting, Unicorn-Riding, Rainbow Queen

Admit it! Doing all of that is on everyone’s bucket list. The queen managed to do it all at once.

7. The Gold-toothed, Sharon Stone-esque Queen

She cleans up well, but she’ll never fail to remind you that she has and will cut a b*tch.

8. Cult-Leading Queen

Cult-Leading Queen

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She’ll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer. Don’t know who that is? She’ll be glad to show you.

9. Glitter-Bending Queen

Ke$ha: The Queen of the Glitter Nation

10. The “Who You Lookin’ At, Van Der Dead” Queen

Explanation? Not needed.

11. The Queen of Subtlety

Fun fact: Sign language is her 4th language after English, Ghost, and Dinosaur.

12. The Classic Beauty Queen

Tallulah Bankhead (God rest her soul) would tip her hat to this beauty.

13. Roller Derby Queen

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ all over your whole life.

14. Rock and Roll Rainbow Queen

Need I say anymore? Well, maybe just one more.

15. The Queen of Love and Acceptance

We’re so excited that you’re feeling better and ready to restart your career. Bow down, bitches!

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