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Community Post: 16 Problems Only Invisible People Will Understand

1. You have to wave at someone for what seems like an hour before they see you.

2. Seriously, you have to try really hard to get people’s attention.

3. And when you finally do, they introduce themselves to you for the 6th time that year.

4. You tend to hear “Oh, I didn’t see you there” more often than not.

5. You’re standing in a group and…wait, how did you end up outside of the circle?

6. When everyone hugs goodbye, you’re left to only hug yourself.

Ron again? And here we thought Harry was known for his invisibility.

7. When people tell you stories you have to interrupt to remind them that you were there too.

8. When you post something on social media and it gets 0 comments, likes, notes, OR retweets.

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9. People are always accidentally bumping into you, even in empty areas.

10. People frequently turn the lights off in a room that you’re still occupying.

11. Some days you try really hard to stand out.

12. Which makes it ultimately more upsetting when you still go unnoticed.

13. When you actually manage to be seen, it seems ethereal…

14. …but it’s such a rare feat that you don’t know what to do with yourself.

15. So it’s back to a life of transparency for you.

16. Hey, don’t feel too bad. Even royalty feels invisible sometimes.

We can see you, Prince Harry! We can see you all over the Internet.

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