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Community Post: 16 Signs You Grew Up In A Restaurant Family

1. You started working at a young age.

Child labor laws? What are those?

2. And continued through middle school and high school

Change your salad dressing one more time and I will slap you.

3. Holidays:

4. Summer:

5. Weekends:

6. WOO! Friday night off!?

Don’t get too excited, you are still on call if it gets busy.

7. You learned how to do this

Or some variation of preparing food.

8. And one of your family members looked like this

16 Signs You Grew Up In A Restaurant Family

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9. You always ate well

10. People would constantly ask you for a job

11. People would ask you dumb questions like, “do you get FREE FOOD?”

No, I pay my dad for meals…. seriously?

12. “Can you get ME some FREE FOOD?”

13. While other teens may have asked their parents for money,

You had your own cash.

Lots and lots of singles from tips.

14. So you could buy this the day you turned 16.


15. The best day of your life was training your younger siblings.

Passing the torch and moving on!

16. But…if you ever lose your job, there’s always a place for you.

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