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Community Post: 17 Mom Tattoos That Show How Much You Care

1. Entwined with rope and roses (hey-o), Mom is celebrated here as an anchor and steadying influence.

Via: Pinterest

2. Mom as a ruffled potato chip? Mom as a ruffled potato chip!

Source: Tattoo Now

3. Nailed it!

Via: Slate

4. This is how you parent.

Via: Slate

5. On a related note, here’s a cover of “The New Yorker” from 1993, as illustrated by Art Speigelman. It’s been cited as a tipping point in the tattoo’s long and winding acceptance into the mainstream.

Via: Jumping Frog

6. Better living through chemistry?

Via: Slate

7. The script’s font is “ambigram” and the effect is oddly hypnotizing.

Via: Slodive

8. Mom as the nurse, with the power to heal, protect, and safeguard.

Via: Pinterest

9. Dagger laced through heart, with a pencil-thin, Art Deco script.

Dagger laced through heart, with a pencil-thin, Art Deco script.

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Source: Pinterest

10. A second piece with Deco properties. Brillz!

Via: Smosh

11. Heart topped with flame, a common element in tattoo design, repurposed here for Mom.

Via: Slodive

12. Streaked with bands of red, yellow, and black, Mom takes the form here of a graceful robin.

Via: Pinterest

13. The symbolism here is lost on me. Anyone care to explain this below?

Via: Splashing Design

14. Wear your heart on your sleeve.

Source: Off The Map Tattoo

15. No gallery of tattoos would be complete without a skull-themed entry.

Source: Tattoos Time

16. It’s the thought that counts.

Source: Tattoos Time

17. And I leave you with this guy…

Via: Alternative Look

Got a Mom tattoo that you’d like to share? Add it in the comments below!

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