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Community Post: 17 Signs You Are Definitely A Sophomore In College

17. You aren’t getting lost every day.

16. You are no longer incoherently nervous around cool upperclassmen.

Because you’re a cool upperclassman!

15. You still don’t really know what you’re doing, but you’re going to pick a major now anyway.

14. The freshmen on campus bring back memories you’ve been trying to repress.

13. You only maintain those freshman-friendships that matter.

And that’s okay.

12. You know there’s nothing wrong with a little me time on a Friday night.

11. You know when and where to get free food on campus.

Move aside, freshies.

10. You’ll take all the study help you can get.

From your tutoring center or online.

9. You still don’t know everything about your school.

17 Signs You Are Definitely A Sophomore In College

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8. But you dish out advice to freshies anyway.

7. You’re tight with the cool dorm security guards.

6. You know now which friend will never pay you back, so you stop lending him cash.

5. You have chosen a professor that you want as your life coach.

It will happen.

4. You hear you should start preparing the path to a career.

3. But you also hear you should enjoy your more carefree days of college…

2. Mostly, nobody really knows what to do with you.

1. But you’re going to enjoy your sophomore year anyway.

And no one can stop you. You go, class of 2016!

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