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Community Post: 19 Challenges All People Obsessed With Halloween Face

This is Halloween!

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1. Waiting until an appropriate date to start decorating

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2. Two words: Halloween Display

I’m just going to look for one minute…

3. Trying to organize a cohesive group costume.

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4. Choosing the perfect pumpkin.

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Oooh I don’t know, this one has a short stem.

5. More importantly, what to carve on your perfect pumpkin.

I can’t mess this up. Maybe I should get two pumpkins?

6. Trying to fit all of the Halloween TV specials into your schedule.

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7. Having to explain your amazing, original costume.

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8. Your Etsy favorites are a bit telling…

9. Come to think of it, all of your social media is being taken over by the holiday…

My relationship with Pinterest is complicated okay?

10. People thinking you love to be scared.

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CBS / Via

Nice try.

11. Coming up with inventive Halloween cocktails.

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12. Attempting to partake in pumpkin everything.

13. When someone turns off your super ghoul playlist.

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14. Saving candy for the Trick-or-Treaters.

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15. Missing out on Mickey’s Halloween party at Disneyland.

Life is SO unfair.

16. Trying to get your pets in the spirit.

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17. Too many scary movies.

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Let’s just… leave the lights on

18. These people

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19. November 1st.

Till next year my friends

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