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Community Post: 20 Idiotic Things People That Don’t Want Kids Are Tired Of Listening

1. 1.Let’s start with this one: When are you going to have kids?

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3. 2.Oh ,so that means you’re never going to get married, right ?

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5. 3.But why? Kids are so fun.

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7. 4.Why do you hate children?

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9. 6.Children are a gift from God.

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11. 7.Being a parent gives me purpose in life.

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13. 8.People that don’t want kids are selfish…

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15. 9.And have no heart.

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17. 10.So you have sex just for fun ?

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19. 11.Doesn’t that make you a slut ?

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21. 12.Don’t you want to make your parents proud ?

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23. 13.Weren’t you also a kid once ?

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25. 14.What if you get old and can’t have kids ?

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27. 15.I’m so glad I have kids, they make me sooooo happy.

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29. 16.Being a parent is the best job in the world.

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31. 17.He he he, don’t worry , you’ll change your mind someday.

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33. 18.Being a dad is something real men do

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35. 19.So sad. You are so bitter.

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37. 20.Too bad, you’re gonna die alone. Nobody will be there for you. Buu huu.

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39. Message from all childless people to the rest of the world:


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