Community Post: 20 SkyMall Items You Need In Your Life Right Now

1. Designer Catbox Enclosure: $114.99

You know that room where you spend all your time, and invite your guests into?
That’s the place you need to put your box of cat pee.

2. Bottoms Up Boxer Brief: $37

Finally! The tube sock for butts!

3. Jeans Lounge Pants: $22.95

Via Black Box Micro Hidden Camera: $89.95

Because, let’s face it, Pajama Jeans are way too formal for this century.

4. Black Box Micro Hidden Camera: $89.95

Oh yeah. You’re gonna wanna see where those tissues go.

5. Portable Security Door Device: $24.99

The only way to ensure that you die in a house fire.

6. The Lake is Calling Shirts: $19.95-$25.95

Via Personalized Ornament: $14.99-$39.99

Because people will ask.

7. Personalized Ornament: $14.99-$39.99

The holidays are all about paying someone to do something your children could do better themselves.

8. SleepHug Pillow: $39.99

For those long trips where Temple Grandin isn’t available to be your plus one.

9. I Love You More Throw: $69.95

The ideal gift for the boyfriend who never bought you the “I Love You” blanket in the first place.

10. Latitude and Longitude Doormat: $32.95

My Social Security number is 882-77-2456.
I live alone.
I have slight hearing loss in my right ear.
I am deathly allergic to gluten.
No need to knock! I never lock this darn thing.

11. Large Wine Glass Cork Holder: $39.95

Which is exactly what you’ll tell your guests you use it for when they ask.

12. Baby Bottle Kountry Krystal: $14.95

For that friend of yours who found her sperm donation on Etsy.

13. Bed Bug Sleep Cocoon: $79.95

Because a bug-free man-baby is a happy man-baby.

14. Foam Cup Holder: $12.95

Just a friendly reminder to take all your prescription drugs immediately after you finish that beer.

15. Hansa Plush 12 in Baby Bambi: $49

Placenta not included.

16. 72 Hour Emergency Meal Kit: $59.99

Definitely worth having around, because you definitely will use these.

17. Inlite Light-Up Luna Clutch: $74.95

Because you feel like people at movie theatres don’t hate you as much as they used to.

18. Wonderworld Eco Playhouse: $179.99

It’s the only way children will learn! So many childhoods are wasted plugging in dollhouse vacuums, and replacing tiny filament dollhouse light bulbs!

19. Bob’s Affirmation Box: $24.95

The best urn for your friend Bob’s dusty dad!

20. Hotline to God: $39.95

But who do you call to make sure you are purchasing the right phone for you?!

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