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Community Post: 21 Reasons Why Peggy Hill Is An Inspiration To Womankind

1. She’s not afraid to voice her opinion.

You were all thinking it.

2. She knows how effective the silent treatment is.

3. A daily workout is essential to her.

And she instills the same discipline in her son, Bobby.

4. Peg knows that self-confidence applies to both brain and body.


5. She’s not afraid to dream big.


Just because you’re stuck in the suburbs doesn’t mean your dreams have to be.

6. She doesn’t understand the way men think either.

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And if Peggy can’t, there’s not much hope for the rest of us.

7. Peg’s a pro at throwing side-eye.


8. She’s a whiz at wordplay.


You’d expect nothing less from the Texas State Boggle Champion of 1997.

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9. She always believes in herself.

There is nothing wrong with a humble brag every now and then.

10. Peggy knows that a little spice is important in a marriage.



11. Peg’s quite the worldly woman.

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She is a substitute Spanish teacher, even though her language skills aren’t the best. As a result, she considers herself Arlen’s aficionado on all things Mexican, which include running the Cinco de Mayo Block Party and Dia de los Arlentinos.

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12. Peggy also doesn’t understand kids clothing.

13. Peg’s a forward thinker.



…well maybe a “creative thinker” is more appropriate.

14. Look up the definition of resilience in the dictionary. It’s Peggy.




She is one of only 16 survivors* to jump out of a plane and survive.

*Her own estimate.



And with her Father-In-Law’s questionable methods, relearned to walk in 6 months.

15. Peggy, like all of us, can sometimes be self-conscious.



She just so happens to be a “full-footed” woman. Size 16.5 to be exact.

16. She is a very supportive parent.

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Supportive and present parent.

17. She’s faced the adversity of sexism.



And went on to be one of Arlen’s premier women’s softball league pitchers.

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18. And then she passed her feminist wisdom onto the younger generation.



19. She’s not afraid to take some fashion risks.


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New dye job? Yep. Questionable clothes? Yep. Theatrical makeup? Haven’t we all?

20. She’s seen her fair share of rough nights.


The greatest stories never start with someone eating a salad.

21. Peggy is a role model to girls everywhere.



There’s no respect like self-respect.

Peggy’s a wife, mother, teacher, and an inspiration to us all.


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