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Community Post: 21 Signs Your College Career Is Almost Over

1. You’re on the verge of deleting your social media accounts.

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2. You’re actually trying to learn how to cook.

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3. You’ve had your fill of one night stands and don’t understand why your friends are still having them.

4. You’ve been to the library only, like, once this year.

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Only for free prints.

5. You’ve grown away from a majority of your high school friends.

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6. You’ve erased the phrase “I can’t wait to graduate” from your repertoire, because you’re totally not ready for the real world.

7. You attempt to cling to your final months as a collegiate student, with the help of some tissues and ice cream.

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8. You’re in shock when you’re invited to a “house party”.

Hey, maybe you can save a little $$ by not “hitting” the bars.

9. You’ve come to realize that professional clothes are now going out clothes, too.

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10. You only use your game console for Netflix.

All-nighters in front of a TV with a controller in your hand now means there is a new season of Dexter on Netflix.

11. You’ve come to terms that your fast metabolism is, well, not so fast anymore.

21 Signs Your College Career Is Almost Over

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And going to the gym just isn’t gonna happen.

12. Naps are your new best friend.

1. Noon nap? Check.
2. After work 6 pm nap? Check.
3. 8 pm nap before you study? Check.

13. You’ve already decided if you’re going to be “one of those people who are really into politics”

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Yeah I voted… Of course I voted..

14. Chances are, you’re now sporting the haircut you’ll wear for most of your adult life.

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15. Far too many of your peers have already taken the plunge and gotten married.

16. Unlike your earlier jobs, you now dread the days you don’t have to work because it means you’re not bringing home the bacon.

Whew, finally. My bank account is at double-digits again.

17. Unless you order out, those lazy nights for dinner at home are spelled M-I-C-R-O-W-A-V-E.

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18. You don’t put the heat or air conditioner on unless it’s absolutely necessary, you money-saver, you.

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19. You’re perfectly OK with falling asleep before midnight.

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20. You can’t believe how young the freshmen look around campus.

21. And you can’t believe their reactions to how “old” you are.

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