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Community Post: 23 Celebrities We NEED To See On Dancing With The Stars

1. Hulk Hogan.

They’ve tried to get him on the show and failed but we can still dream, right?

3. Lauri Beth Denberg.

5. Kevin Conroy (the guy who voiced Batman in the 90’s cartoon show).

6. Amanda Bynes (just think of what could happen on a Dancing with the Stars season with her on it).

7. Lindsay Lohan. Judging from a recent tweet, she’s desperate for attention and may not see Dancing with the Stars as a step down.

8. Neil deGrasse-Tyson. He used to dance competitively so he might even win!

I was going to make the unforgivable joke, “This astrophysicist would give new meaning to Dancing with the STARS” but I didn’t.

10. Bobby Budnick from Salute Your Shorts. Yes I know his real name is Danny Cooksey but he’ll always be Budnick in our hearts.

11. Adam West. Yes, he’s in his 80’s now but even if he’s just on for one episode it’d be awesome.

12. Carl Winslow.

Carl Winslow.

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13. Kevin Sorbo.

What’s sad is that they tried to book him FIVE times but his knees are too shot to dance 🙁

14. But if they can’t get Hercules, why not get Iolaus (Michael Hurst)?

16. Rider Strong/Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World.

17. Mark Sanchez. He’s gonna be out of a job soon enough so he might as well get used to a life of gimmicky celebrity appearances.

19. The Dell Dude, Ben Curtis.

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