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Community Post: 23 Looks That Only Denise Huxtable Can Pull Off

1. Headbands and headwraps:


Dr. Huxtable wasn’t the only one rocking these bad boys in the family.

3. Collars on top of collars:

4. The coolest hats like EVER:

Only Denise could wear this Tin Man hat and wear it well.

5. Speaking of which, turbans!

And this entire outfit for that matter. Fabulous.

Again, this entire outfit is fabulous and oh-so-sophisticated.

6. Bright makeup:

Would you ever do your makeup like this to a party? UMMM NO. Unless you’re Denise, of course.

Would you ever do your makeup like this to a date? Are you Denise Huxtable? NO and NO.

7. Oversized plaid blazers:

8. Oversized floral blazers:

9. REALLY, REALLY long strands of pearls:

And once again, oversized blazers.

12. Three belts at once:

She doesn’t just rock one belt for that dress, but THREE.

Denise wasn’t the most athletic Huxtable child, but she still managed to make sweats look cool.

14. Tropical-print blouses:

15. Oversized blouses:

SO fashion-forward. SO amazing. Denise really loves her clothes oversized.

16. Fantastic blouses in general:

17. Blouses that look like they’re on backwards:

So that the gold chains can hang in the back. Obviously.

18. TONS of tulle and fabric:

With a tulle bandage around her wrist because WHY NOT?

19. Layers on layers on layers:

This outfit is ridiculous, but she still looks SO cool. Seriously, who else could wear this?! I mean, like SERIOUSLY.

20. Huge brooches with feathers:

Pretty in purple.

21. Military-style jackets:

On a sidenote, look at that chain. Awesome.

Getting down in such a rad outfit.

22. Mix-and-match:

Patterns and sleeves FOR DAYS.