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Community Post: 23 Things Children Of The 80’s From Atlanta Will Never Forget

1. 1. Hartsfield Airport Trains’ Cylon Voice

When you went to send someone off or pick someone up from the airport, riding the trains between concourses was a special treat. But, the then state-of-the-art computerized voice that said, “The next stop is Concourse A. The color-coded maps and signs in this vehicle match the station colors. Please move to the center of the vehicle and away from the doors” always made you think of Cylons and Battlestar Galactica.

UPDATE 1-4-14: Someone sent me a link to this YouTube video with a recording of the Cylon voice!

2. 2. There’s only one address on Buford Highway that meant anything to any of us.


“That’s forty eight oh one….That’s forty eight oh one….That’s forty eight oh one….Buford Hiiiiiiiiiiiiighwaaaaaaaaaaaay!” The business has a new name and owner, but it will always be JC Automan Transmission to you.

3. 3. This man was second only to God in your heart

WTBS Channel 17, The Super Station. 7:05PM Eastern. America’s Team

4. 4. If you needed cheap furniture you knew who to ask for

The name and location of the store changed, and sometimes Donna was there too, but you always knew to ask for the Wolfman.

5. 5. You may not have known what a chiropractor was, but you knew that Dr. Harry W. Brown of the Brown Arrowhead Clinic could fix your parents’ whiplash.

Also, Dr. Sid E. Williams of Life Chiropractic College was always available to teach you how to do it yourself. You have to believe that these two men kept Channel 46 on the air for the greater part of a decade.

6. 6. All locations along US 41 were reckoned in distance north or south of this landmark.

7. 7. Every single field trip you ever went on inside the Perimeter involved eating lunch here. All.Of.Them.

8. 8. You knew all of the sitcoms and westerns your parents watched as kids thanks to this man.

9. 9. Driving past here when you weren’t going there was pure torture.

Also, you never quite understood why it was called “Charlie Brown Airport” if it had nothing to do with Snoopy.

10. 10. You knew that some day, far in the future, once you decided to get married, you had a friend in the diamond business.

“The Shane Company. The first exit north of the Perimeter on I-75. Go west at Windy Hill. Open Monday through Friday till 8, Saturday and Sunday till 5.” Although, you probably went to Kaminski Jewelry when the time came.

11. 11. Tom Stimus & Dusty Rhodes were the absolute best place to buy a custom van. Dusty Rhodes would tell you no lies as he slapped those van hoods.

View this image ›

How many hoods did they slap through the years?

12. 12. The 96 Rock Friday Five o’Clock Whistle was the official start of the weekend!

And, no matter which radio station he’s on now, Steve McCoy will always be Mr. Z93 to you.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to Steve McCoy on Z93 from 1986.

13. 13. Bruce Erion and the 11Alive Skycam helicopter visiting your school = The Best Day Ever!

Guy Sharpe, Glenn Burns, Ken Cook, Chuck Dowdle, Pam Martin, Forrest Sawyer, and Monica Kaufman.

14. 14. You also knew every word to the “Hello Atlanta, Hello Geogia” song and maybe still do if you watch the video.

15. 15. You would clean your room, brush your teeth, eat your veggies, and be nice to everyone just to go to Rich’s downtown before Christmas and ride this.

16. 16. You couldn’t wait until the next time you saw Audra Lee on Kids’ Beat!

17. 17. You took comfort in knowing that if you needed legal advice because you had been injured in any kind of accident, Gilbert and Montlick had your back.

Also, if you needed “debt relief” or “settlement protection” Paul C. Parker and Associates were only a phone call away.

18. 18. Staying up late on Saturday night to watch The Atlanta Rock Review with Craig Ashwood while listening to the simulcast in stereo on 94-Q FM was so high tech you could hardly believe such things were possible.

The Future Was Then!

19. 19. Even though you maybe didn’t really understand what was happening up in Forsyth County, you knew that this man always did his best to make sure everyone he could help got a good Thanksgiving dinner!

20. 20. Your family survived SnowJam 1982!

And the 1993 blizzard.

21. 21. “Get me a Coke” could mean any of these! (and still does to most of us).

You also understood that the second “t” in Atlanta is silent. Et-lana.

22. 22. When Wayne Williams was convicted, your mom would finally let you play outside again!

23. 23. You feel that the Laser Light Show at Stone Mountain reached it’s apogee in 1984 when they synched it to Madonna, Pink Floyd, and the Footloose soundtrack.

So, while the 1980’s may be long gone from the here and now, our memories and the internet can scratch that nostalgia itch when it needs scratching. Thanks, y’all.

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