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Community Post: 27 Crazy Things Done For Love

1. Pretend to Have Amnesia

In order to satisfy your unrequited love while maintaining your ‘hard-tough-guy’ exterior, what else is there but to keep up the charade of amnesia?

2. Get a Piercing or Tattoo

Even Daria did some silly things for love—and you know that you’ve at least thought about body art for that person you love with a sleeve…

3. Stand on the Edge of a Boat

It was really romantic, but really risky. But mostly romantic.

4. Lie About Your Job

So you may just be a janitor at a fitness club, but it could also be ironic shirt, so, yea.

5. Kill Yo Self

Rome and Juliet, Leo and Clare, Misunderstandings and Subsequent Suicides. It’s a pretty Die-hard love love tale (get it??)

6. Do Anything To Make Them Smile (When They Aren’t Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend)

Being in Love with someone else’s beau? Not cool, I get it. But JAM shippers everywhere agree that Jim’s crazy antics and office pranks to keep Pam happy in spite of an unhappy relationship with Roy. Uber cute! And if its wrong,I don’t want to be right

7. Jump Into A Freezing River to Save Their Life

McDreamy being a McHero. Hypothermia won’t keep him from the one he loves!

8. Traveling Far and Wide

Quite possibly Pixar’s most adorable love story. Carl would do anything to keep the memory of his loved one alive!

9. Take Nude Pictures to Send to Them

You may love them, but these images will never leave you in this digital age.

10. Recreating Classic Romantic Scenes

Hey Girl, I’ll be the Swayze to your Baby.

Yup. Sweet Loving.

11. Broadcast Your Love

“If all the world’s a stage…” You wouldn’t mind another take, for the news crew?

12. Face Familial Pressures Against Your Love

Kiara and Kovu proved to us that love conquers all in the animal kingdom.

13. Run Topless in the Streets to Their Rescue

(optional: While Simultaneously FaceTiming them). Like Adam on Girls.

14. Learn a Skill in A Beginner’s Class

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And sticking around even from the humiliation of a child. That kind of love and dedication can’t be held back from embarassment.

15. Stalking

Again: Not one of those things that’s exactly praised in actual society. But when there’s just something about Mary…

16. Adopt an Alternate Persona

Prince Ali, Fabulous He, Ali Ababwa!

17. Transform Yourself

Becoming an ogre is a pretty big sign that you’re willing to do anything for your love.

18. Bust Past Airport Security to Stop Them From Getting on A Plane

There’s so many moments from “Love Actually”, but ya gotta love the young love here!

19. Become a Team Mascot

Sam Weir made the connection: Cindy’s a cheerleader. If I become Mascot, I get to be around the cheerleaders. Smart kid.

20. Public Declarations of Affection

A new brand of PDA via Heath Ledger. And a song and dance in front of the school over the PA system is a new brand of crazy cute love.

21. Convert to Their Religion

Getting a rub down from your crazy sister in law at a baptismal ceremony in a church you don’t belong to. That’s real love, and real cray.

22. Hold a Radio Above Your Head Outside Their House

The 80s and Cusack. Noise complaints won’t stop him from declaring his love!

23. Fake an Orgasm

Every once in a while, you’ll do this for love. Or lust.

24. Become a Gangster

People have some weird ways of bonding and falling in love.

25. Boost Their Ego

She totally let him win (by using magic to help him block the goal)

26. Try to Keep Yourself From The Person You Love (For Their “Own Good”)

Chuck and Blair: The classic tug and pull love story of the millennial generation.

Spoiler Alert for Non-GG fans/obsessors: Chuck and Blair end up together. All is right in the world.

27. Crafting an Elaborate Scheme to Propose

Probably the sweetest and craziest thing Barney has ever done on HIMYM.

Queen Bey Said It Best

Got me lookin so crazy right now
Your love’s got me lookin so crazy right now

So don’t fret if you’ve done/thought of doing/wish you did any of these crazy romantic things for love!

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