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Community Post: 29 Reasons Daria Was TV’s Greatest Cynic

1. Things genuinely never excited her:

2. Especially the future:

3. She hated all forms of social interaction with people:

4. And when people annoyed her, she was blunt about it:

5. She had an absurd but great sense of humor:

6. And trained herself to expect the worst:

7. Daria didn’t have many friends:

8. Which is fine, because she only needed a couple friends anyway:

9. She accomplished things with the least amount of possible effort:

Or she just wouldn’t do them— yet she still graduated Valedictorian.

10. Plus, found everyone around her to be extremely dumb:

11. Like really dumb:

12. Which means she was perfectly condescending:

13. And sarcasm was a perfected form of art:

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14. With a side specialty in dark humor:

15. The real world disappointed her:

16. And she believed the universe to be nothing:

17. Plus, everyone outside sucked:

19. She was a major realist:

20. Who liked to focus more on the negative:

21. She was self-defeating:

22. She never got emotionally attached:

23. She never took a day off from being cynical:

25. She hated everything about where she lived:

26. Would even move out of the country because of it:

27. Her bedroom walls were padded to symbolically represent her emotional instability:

Daria explains that the previous owners of the home had a family member with schizophrenia but Daria’s reluctance to take down the padding characterizes aspects of her own personality.

28. She had a severe distrust in people:

29. She loved the internet because it encouraged anonymous anti-social behavior:

As said on her 2001 website, which has since been taken down.

Sigh. We miss you Daria.

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