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Community Post: 9 Oscar-Themed Hot Dogs

1. The Descendants: “The Hawaii Dog”

Hot Dog, Grilled Pineapple and Sriracha on a Bun
For a movie set in Hawaii, tropical fruits and spice seemed like the perfect accompaniment for this dog. We think even George Clooney might approve.

2. The Help: “The Southern Comfort Dog”

Fried Chicken Sausage, Collard Greens, Gravy on a Buttered Bun
Minny’s fried chicken inspired this southern dog. It’s not holding back on the calories either with all that homemade gravy atop a buttered and grilled bun.

3. Midnight in Paris: “The Parisian Dog”

Pâté, Pork Sausage, Frisée, Creamy Dijon Vinaigrette on Baguette
Pâté on a hot dog? Well, not exactly. We used pork sausage in this classy, Paris-inspired dog fit for a French king and queen…or at least for Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams.

4. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: “The NYC Dog”

Hot Dog with Mustard and Sauerkraut on a Bun
For a film about New York City, we couldn’t get too experimental with this classic dog.

5. Hugo: “The Watch-Dog”

Hugo: "The Watch-Dog"

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A hot dog watch band with an edible clock made of: toasted bread, mayonnaise, rosemary ticks and ketchup clock hands.
Hugo’s father is a clockmaker; try our own hand at clock-making with this edible dog-watch.

6. Moneyball: “The Baseball Dog”

Hot Dog with Ketchup on a Bun/i>
Baseball and hot dogs are such a classic combination they go together like, well, baseball and a hot dog.

7. The Artist: “The Old-Time Hollywood Dog”

A Black and White Hot Dog
We pay tribute to The Artist’s artistic vision with this black and white (not to mention totally silent) hot dog.

8. War Horse: “The Bruised and Bleeding Dog”

Scored Hot Dog Bleeding Ketchup on a Bun
War Horse, War Dog.

9. Tree of Life: “Tree in Summer Dog”

Hot Dog Tree of Spinach on a Bun with Mayonnaise
For such an esoteric film, going the literal route was really the only way to go. Here’s a hot dog as a tree (of life)!

Oscar Dog stylings by Will Levitt. Follow him on Twitter at @dormroomdinner.

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