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Community Post: 9 Reasons Why Insanity SUCKS!!!!

1. 1. I will NEVER look like Shaun T

I could do Insanity my entire life and I would never have beautiful mocha skin OR a 12-pack! #absfordays

2. 2. Tanya is waaaaaay too intense

I don’t do things that girls beat me at. Sorry, I don’t do things at which girls beat me …grammar is my thing if I can’t get in shape.

3. 3. Why in the world would I do anything that makes me hurl!?

And I have definitely hurled.

4. 4. I can barely walk when I’m done

A movie about my life after doing an Insanity workout.

5. 5. Shaun T patronizes me

5. Shaun T patronizes me

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If I hear “you can do it” or “just one more” one more time … *puts headphones in*

6. 6. The warm-ups wear me out

What in the world!? I’m keeled over trying not to puke and Shaun T’s telling me the WARM-UPS are over?

7. 7. How can I stretch when my legs feel like Jell-O!?

I’m here trying to stretch – the easy part – and I can’t even hardly stand up.

8. 8. It shows me how out of shape I am

I don’t want to know that … just fix me. Also, that’s not me … or is it … it’s not.

9. 9. I keep doing it!

What in the world? I’ve just made my own list and tomorrow I’ll be right back to holding my vomit back and hating life … well done Shaun T.

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