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Community Post: All The Best, Most 00’s Things In 5ive’s Video For ‘If Ya Gettin’ Down’.

1. All this silver.

Scott knows what’s up.

2. The casual yet purposeful stroll away from a fireball.

Keep calm, you guys.

3. Scott’s blue streaks.

Also pictured: Scott’s dreamy baby blues.

4. Just a couple of guys roughhousing.


5. Every single hair and outfit choice made here.

Ladies, when was the last time you rocked a pair of cargo pants?

6. Rich’s frosted tips and crazy eyes.

He looks a bit like a real life Sim in this shot.

7. Everything happening here.

The anticipation for a chorus has never been so high.


This is the only thing I would ever give One Direction constructive criticism about. They really need more choreographed dance numbers that I can learn and repeat.

9. The line “Wiggy wiggy, I’m gettin’ jiggy.”

What does it mean? I don’t know and I don’t care. It’s perfection.

10. Seriously though Abs’ outfit.

Seriously though Abs' outfit.

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It’s so good I can’t even deal.

11. Also, Abs’ perfectly sculpted brows.

*tween sigh*

12. J’s duckface.

What a trendsetter!

13. Having a dance move that is also the name of your band.

Pop perfection.

14. This.

Me? Oh, I’m not doin’ much, just chillin’, doin’ some high kicks in front of a flame, generally being a bad ass. What’re you upto?

15. Acting out the lyrics to your song.

‘Guarantee that we’ll be hittin’ for six, come on, yeah.’

16. Everything about the setting of this video.

It’s an abandoned warehouse-mansion with a light up dancefloor and studio lighting. OBVIOUSLY.

17. This shot.

Ooh, ominous.

18. Finishing your video with a fireball.

Because there’s no better way to prove that you’re five bad boys with the power to rock you.

19. Watch this video:

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