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Community Post: Characters Of “Pretty Little Liars” Described By Someone Who Has Never Seen The Show

1. Aria

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She looks like the super bratty kid that you hated back in public school. Because of that you just know she’s evil. She looks like she’s hiding something… possibly a body?

“A” Verdict: Seems too obvious so I say… No.

2. Hanna

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She kind of reminds me of Brittany Snow. You know what snow is? Cold. That’s what she seems like to me. The stereotypical dumb rich blonde girl who gives the cold shoulder to everyone.

“A” Verdict: I say No on her being “A” but she’s totally the accomplice.

3. Emily

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She looks like the “it girl.” The one who always got invited to parties, made it on every sports team, was teachers pet, etc. But as almost every teenage television program has taught us before, the “it girl” always has a secret and maybe, just maybe, her secret is murder…

“A” Verdict: “I’m going to say No but if she is then she’ll be the one no one saw coming.

4. Spencer

She’s the tough, rugged girl who doesn’t give a crap about your feelings. She has a heart, she just doesn’t care about your problems because she has her own life to deal with.

“A” Verdict: Yes. She seems like the girl who would kill someone while playing “So What” by P!nk in the background.

5. Alison

She’s the one who died, right? Yeah, OK. She looks like the youngest of the bunch, 13… 14 maybe? Everyone picked on her for being the youngest and then someone eventually had enough and killed her.

“A” Verdict: She’s dead so I say… No.

6. Ezra

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This is the one guy I know about from the show. This is the guy who gets his jollies from watching teenage girls prance around with their school books. Can someone say blue pages? And can someone call the cops? Like, seriously?

“A” Verdict: He’s a perv who can teach so he can probably kill someone. I say Yes.

7. Mona

She looks like the super supportive friend. The girl who will listen to all your problems and not turn a blind eye. She’s the friend who we all aspire to be.

“A” Verdict: If she can’t turn a blind eye, she’s definitely not capable of murder. I say No.

8. Wren

Hot. That’s pretty much all I have to say. Everyone loves him and I mean, who wouldn’t? Look at that smile. He seems like the guy who would show up at your doorstep with pizza in the pouring rain.

“A” Verdict: He better not. I’m saying No because I don’t want to believe he is.

9. Melissa

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I think she’s the mum of one of the girls, probably Spencer. She seems like the type of parent who listens without reproach but as soon as her kid is finished speaking, she shuts them down.

“A” Verdict: She looks like she could kill someone but is she “A”? My answer is No. I do think she has a connection though… all mums do…

10. Jenna

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She’s blocking out the haters with those shades. She’s evil. She seems like the girl who hides in the bathroom stall to pick up gossip and then sell it to people on a bridge in a park.

“A” Verdict: Yes. Whoever plans their outfit so that their sunglasses matches their coat or vice versa is up to something, including murder.

11. Toby

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I don’t like him. He seems innocent, but not like Wren. He seems like the guy who can kill someone after one too many drinks at his friend’s house party.

“A” Verdict: Yes. He seems like the guy who doesn’t feel any remorse after killing someone and also that hair is quite suspicious…

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