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Community Post: Nicki Minaj’s Tokyo Style And Other Links

Girl Scout Cookie milkshakes you can make at home because diets are for people with willpower. – [SeriousEats]

Sometimes superheroes dole out punishments that would give even the harshest super-villain pause. – [Cracked]

7 life lessons from pop culture’s funniest women. – [Gurl]

What it’s really like to film a sex scene. – [Vulture]

Mickey Mouse presented as if he actually looked 83 years old. – [Geekosystem]

Life after hipsters. What’s the next sub-culture on the horizon? – [Flavorwire]

Nokia wants tattoos to vibrate wen your phone rings. Nope, not gonna think…yeah, there goes my brain. Straight into the gutter. – [DeathAndTaxes]

Parents hasten their own feelings of mortality by video taping their kids trying to figure out 80s technology. – [TheStir]

<a href=”’ve%20ever%20seen.%3C/a%3E%20-%20[Blastr]

%3Ca%20href=”>Headline Story:Nicki Minaj looks like an anime character anyway, so it’s nice to see her visit the land of her fashion inspiration. – [OhNoTheyDidn’t]

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