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Community Post: Stephen King’s Acting Career

1. He might be a Baseball lover

He makes cameos in based on real life baseball games and even the rom com kind.
Fever Pitch (2005), Tv series “World Series” (2004) and “Baseball” (1994).

HE JUST loves it

such perfect form

4. Casting himself in his earlier films in the 80s

Creepshow- Jody Verrill (1982)

YUPPPPPPP this is him

6. this ATM cameo where he is repeatedly told he is an asshole….

Maximum Overdrive-( uncredited…bummer) (1986)

7. Yeezus walks with me….

Pet Sematary- Minister (1989)

8. I know, how did we miss this????

9. just a regular ol’ truck driver

Creepshow 2- Truck Driver (hitchhiker segment) (1987)

10. …and he continued this trend in the 90s

11. Good ol’ bus driver

Golden Years- “Second Chance” (1991)

12. Sup’ bud

Sleepwalkers- Cemetery Caretaker (1992)

13. played Teddy Weizak in two episodes

The Stand- “The Stand” + “The Betrayal” (1994)

14. The Langoliers- Tom Holby (1995)

15. and the that was all last century- ready for more?????


16. breaking into TV a bit

This guy has the right attitude

17. because, the doctor is in! Tardis not included…sadly

Thinner- Dr. Bangor (1996)

18. The bandleader

The Shining- (tv mini series) Gage Creed S1E03

The bandleader

View this image ›

19. When he tried to pull a fast one on us!

Storm of the Century- and uncredited Lawyer in Ad and Reporter on Broken TV (1999)

20. 00s were all about small screen favoritism.

21. Caller

Frasier –episode “Mary Christmas”– he was the voice of Brian (2000)

22. Simpson Stephen

The Simpsons- episode “Insane Clown Poppy” (2000)

23. he even has stand-ins for his cameos!


24. Good ol’ pizza guy

Rose Red- he was the pizza guy S1E02 (2002)

25. Had a moment on Dave Chapelle- S1E07 (2003)


26. oh yah there is moreeeeeeee

27. Johnny B. Goode

Kingdom Hospital-(2004)

28. Another voice cameo!

Gotham Cafe – Mr. Ring (his short film) (2005)

29. and an uncredited video/ voice cameo

Diary of the Dead- Newsreader (2007)

30. how he randomly appeared in Sons…

Sons of Anarchy as the Bachman- “Caregiver” episode (2010)

31. and fitting right in

32. some small movie pop ins

First in 1981 as ……

33. HOAGIE MAN in Knightriders…

after that his next cameo would be in Fever pitch and then Stuck in love for big screen films

34. STUCK in Loveeee (2012

watch from 1:26:00- plays himself chatting with the Rusty aka Nat Wolff on the phone…okay its a voice cameo but, still a movie cameo! Even if its just his sultry vocal tones we hear

35. and he is still going!

for more check out this

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