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Community Post: The 17 Steps To Making Your Pet Famous On The Internet


1. Get a pet.

You can’t make an earth-shattering discovery yet if you haven’t purchased/adopted a baby yet!

2. Realize they’re adorable.

They aren’t like most pets, they’re unimaginably cute. Like, so cute you can’t even stand it.

3. Contemplate how to handle this revelation.

All your friends and family already know that you’ve got the world’s cutest pet. Who else are you supposed to share this amazingness with?!

4. YOU’VE GOT IT. You’re going to make them famous!

Via Facebook

Grumpy cat? PSH, they’ve got nothing on Catnip. You were super clever and named her after The Hunger Games, so obviously all of those fans are going to love your pet.

5. Pick a way to pimp them out.

The internet is full of endless possibilities! “Will my puppy get more followers on Facebook or Instagram?” Might as well make both, seeing as their fans are going to want to see him on both.

6. Recruit all your friends and family to help out.

You’ve got 20 first cousins, it’s about time you make use of that.

7. Post endless pictures, videos, blog posts, tweets…

Make sure you’re updating their YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Facebook every hour.

8. Sit your pet down and tell them what you will do when they’re famous.

This is an important step! Because you’re not about to let them become a diva! You knew them when they were a nobody.

9. Question your decision.

Question your decision.

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It’s been like 3 months since you started this and your pet is no closer to being famous than you are (aka so far away from it, it’s comical).

10. Fire all of your help.

THAT’S IT! You’re all useless anyway.

11. Sit your pet down and demand better from them.

“That picture was crap! No one is going to like you just staring at me! Do something cute.”

12. Remember the good ol’ days.

When you cat used to do that thing with his paw and everyone thought is was adorable?!

13. Rehire your friends and family

I mean, you need to accept free help when you’ve got it. Make sure to bring your pet with you to guilt them into it.

14. Double your previous efforts!

If every hour of the day is not spent on your pet, it’s an hour wasted.

15. Still nowhere?

Whatttttt is going onnnnnnn!!!

16. Cry.

Damn it! You’ve never been more frustrated in your life.

17. Screw it! You know your pet is awesome and if the internet can’t see that, then they don’t deserve your pet!

You didn’t like the stupid internet any way.

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