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Community Post: The Art Of Writing A Term Paper

1. When your teacher announces it’s time to start “thinking about” term papers again…

2. All you can think about is how your life will become consumed by hours of research and writing!

4. But then you realize you have a while before you have to select a topic- time to relax!

5. Unless you have to choose a topic from a list- then it’s on!

peetatoast / Via Tumblr

Only one will get each topic…may the odds be ever in your favor

6. Now that you have a topic, it’s time to begin researching

7. You need to start hitting the books and find some sources!

8. And chances are, these handy guys are your new best friends…

if you’re really fancy, you color code them by paragraph!

9. 30 note cards due. in two weeks? You got this in the bag!

11. Now that all your cards are written, you have to make an outline!

Don’t forget the bibliography!

12. An Intoduction Paragraph And All Your Topic Sentences Must Be Complete in 3 Weeks

potterheadno98 / Via

13. Which means you actually have to start writing…

14. And so it begins…

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15. It’s actually not that bad because your note cards really helped 🙂

or not…but you still manage to get it done

16. Just when you’re feeling confident, the next part is announced: Rough draft time!

crash2thestarlight / Via

17. Every spare moment you have will be spent on it’s creation…

18. I’m sorry, what was that? You have a social life? Not when you have a term paper to write!

19. “Sorry I can’t, I have to finish my term paper” will become the norm…

…and so will surviving on little sleep as the final date approaches

20. But you finally finish your rough copy, and there’s nothing more exciting than typing that last word

21. Final draft in two weeks?

23. You edit countless drafts with nothing but your game face…it’s a piece of cake compared to writing an entire paper!

24. Now it’s here. The final paper is due!

25. You turn it in, no more term paper!

27. But maybe you can’t help it, you get a little emotional, I mean you did work on the paper for months…

Via ifiruledthegifs

28. But it’s not going to stop you from thinking about this…

29. Happy Writing! 🙂

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