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Community Post: The “Baby-Sitters Club” Guide To Food

1. Always have an appetite.

Me 24/7.

2. Only crave pizza and candy

Always with the candy.

Sounds like a plan!

They’re so wise.

5. Talk about food with friends.

I’ll take a candy!

Is that seriously all you think about, Claud?

I’ve always wondered!

8. Talk about food with your charges.

What a bossy baby-sitter.

9. Eventually, everyone will start talking about food.

Does everyone around here like eating?

Who are you, the Cookie Monster?

12. Use food to bribe your charges.

Distraction almost always works.

13. Eat lots of food.

Atta girl!

14. Don’t eat gross food though.

And Kristy would know gross stuff. Did you see her gross shirt?

15. Plan all of your events around food.

Have you ever been to a slumber party without chocolate? Maybe I should just start with the question “Have you ever been to a slumber party?”

A school dance is a great excuse to eat food.

17. Make games out of food.

We get to play AND eat?

Kids are so creative.

Would you expect anything less?

20. Use food to reward yourself.

Or two.. or three..

I like this girls train of thoughts.

22. When you’re done eating, start dreaming about your next meal.

Those sound like sweet dreams.

23. Get your priorities straight.

What more is there to life?

24. Hide your candy.

Now you have something to eat later.

25. If you learned anything from this post, it’s just to always be eating.

Sneak cookies whenever possible.

For more Baby-sitters Club, check out the show on Netflix or Amazon Instant or Hulu Plus. Or become a member of their Facebook or Tumblr page. Seriously, you can’t away from these girls.

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