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Community Post: The House Where Capone Died

1. Al Capone Bought From Anheuser-Busch

The story goes that mob man bought from beer man Clarence Busch.

2. He planned the Valentine’s Day Massacre here

Supposedly Capone planned the infamous Valentine’s Day Massacre from this home. It also served as his alibi; Capone made sure everyone saw him in South Beach the day of the shootout.

3. He built a big pool

Capone wanted the biggest pool in the area, so he had a 30 by 60-foot one constructed.

4. He also added guard houses

Capone had a crew of guards installed throughout the property to monitor his safety well into the last parts of his life.

5. He stayed in the guest bedroom

By the end of his life, Capone was paranoid, and so he chose the front guest bedroom as his own, so he could watch the entrance of his home.

6. He died in the bathroom

The great mob boss was found dead in one of the bathrooms from a heart attack.

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