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Community Post: This Boston Terrier Is Too Cute


1. Meet Jack

2. Jack Has A Really Cute Underbite

3. He’s A Boston Terrier

4. Like, Really Cute

5. When Jack Isn’t Working…

6. He’s Probably Playing With His Ball

7. He Really Enjoys Playing Ball

8. He Isn’t Picky About Which Ball It Is

9. As Long As You’ll Play With Him

10. Jack Also Likes The Snow

11. But Really Likes Being In The Sun

13. Sometimes He Thinks About His Life Choices In The Sun

14. Sometimes He Looks A Little Sad

Sometimes He Looks A Little Sad

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15. But It’s Just Because His Ball Is Stuck Under The Chair

16. Or Because He Lost His Sunglasses…AGAIN

17. But Then He Gets Dressed Up

18. Or Takes A Long Shower

19. And He’s Happy Again

20. Jack Has A French Bulldog Friend Named Joey

21. Sometimes They Don’t Get Along

22. But They Remember That No Matter What…

23. They Will Always Be Tight

24. Joey’s Kinda Cute Too

25. But This Is About Jack

26. And He’s Pretty Damn Cute

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