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Community Post: What’s The Best Sports GIF From 2013?

1. It was the year David Akers hated fun.

2. And Tim Duncan found the cure for Ginobli’s malepattern baldness.

Seriously, Tim…You have to get a patent.

3. Denard Robinson’s friend was super stoked for him on draft day.

4. The excitement was for his football skills.

Definitely his football skills.

5. Lebron, once again, established his dominance in this year’s final.

6. Until Kobe brought him back to reality.

7. 2013 marked the year Cam Newtown was high on life.

8. It was the year of groin shots…

9. …after groin shots

10. …after groin shots

11. …but ended with a groin…grab?

12. It was when world class goals were scored by mid-table teams.

We’re looking at you, United.

13. Bearcats took videobomding to a whole new level.

14. And then Chris Bosh showed them up.

15. Ovechkin’s controller disconnected when the Caps needed him the most.

16. Luckily, Crosby’s controller worked just fine.

17. It was the year players forgot about the fundamentals.

18. In every sport.

19. 2013 saw punches in bunches.

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Because the heel wasn’t enough.

20. Lebron loved to flop all year.

21. And had his mind blown when he couldn’t sell it.

22. It was the year Indiana could only get excited about helmets.

23. And the People’s Elbow made its way to arena football.

The Rock would be proud.

24. The hit-and-run was rather lackluster.

25. But the first pitch made up for it.

Quite impressive, if you ask me.

26. Defintely more impressive.

27. Everything Gareth Bale did was perfect.

28. But the same can’t be said for Landon Donovan.

Come on, Ref. He’s just trying to have some fun.

29. Barry Sanders Jr. was a boss.

Like father, like son.

30. But then there was Eli.

31. Poor Eli…2013 just hasn’t gone his way.

32. Case McCoy is doing about as well as his brother is in the NFL.

Hopefully Case doesn’t follow suit and end up in Cleveland.

33. Because everyone knows Cleveland is where quarterbacks go to die.


34. Just play cool, kid…Maybe next year.

35. Tolzien learned how to utilize that ‘B’ button.

36. And the Penguins pretty much just said to hell with teeth!

Who needs them anyway?

37. Oh, Cowboys. You can’t blame Romo for all of 2013.

38. It was the year Tom Brady was left hanging.

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