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Community Post: Why Louis Walsh Makes Life Better

So he may not be Shamazing like Nicole

1. Faaaaabulous like Mrs O

2. Or, er….Gary

3. But Louis definitely has his charms.

4. He looks great in a onesie

5. And a vision in a wedding dress

6. He makes a sensational Chezza

7. He’s got an eye for talent

9. He knows what he likes…

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10. …and what he doesn’t

11. He’s outlived all the other judges

14. (although his friendship with Tulisa was totes adorbs)

15. Over the years he’s brought us these guys.

RIP Stephen *sob*

16. And these guys.

17. And these guys.

18. Oh and these guys. But everyone makes mistakes.

19. So thank you Louis, don’t change a thing

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