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Community Post: Why “Poorly Drawn Lines” Is Your New Favourite Web Comic

Poorly Drawn Lines is a web comic by Reza Farazmand. These comics are reprinted here with his permission. If you share them, please link to his website. Yay!

2. A is for Anxiety

It’s not who you are underneath, but if you can leave the house that defines you.

5. D is for Derek

Goddamn it, Derek.

6. E is for Evolution

7. F is for Feels

Check your privilege, humans.

9. H is for Help

Life is all about give and rake.

10. I is for Ignore

Poor Anthony. Walruses need love too.

11. J is for Jacques

14. M is for Moustache

Give him time to mullet over.

15. N is for um… Moon

Sam Rockwell: Moon Troll

17. P is for Problems

18. Q is for Squad. Sort of.

20. S is for Space


21. T is for Trees

Dude should just leaf. Chicks before sticks.

22. U is in Future twice

Be cheese, guys.

23. There is def a V in Stove

24. W is for Wild

Rumpus on, dudes. Rumpus on.

25. X is for X-rated

He was probably sequoia behaviour.

27. Z is for zomg this makes me feel my own feelings


A friendly reminder that if you share them and of these comics, please credit Poorly Drawn Lines and link to the website. Thank you. You’re perfect.

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