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Cute Little Girl Brings Joy To Commuters By Dancing With Subway Band (Video)

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Whoever came up with the stereotype that New Yorkers are grumpy obviously never had a chance to experience the city the way real New Yorkers do.

We are, in fact, a fun-loving bunch — and we’re never ones to turn down a good time.

Need proof? Just watch this video, which shows a spontaneous dance party erupt on a subway platform in Brooklyn.

It started when a little girl began happily dancing along to a subway performer’s rendition of the Grateful Dead’s “Me and My Uncle.”

As the band Coyote and Crow continued playing — and the pink-jacketed tot continued dancing — others joined in. First, it was just another woman, but soon, a few others were getting down to the music without a care in the world.

Granted, this isn’t something you see every day — but it illustrates that this sort of spontaneous, infectious fun is something we city dwellers actually quite enjoy.

Because we know a life without a little goofiness isn’t a life worth living.

See a video of the cheerful showdown up top, and remember to let loose once in a while. You deserve it.

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