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Cute Stray Dog Ended Up Getting Rescued By The Hottest Male Models (Photos)

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Rincon the rescue dog has it made.

The pup was rescued in Puerto Rico by Brooklyn model Julian Schratter.

Although Rincon’s no longer a shy puppy, he’s still Schratter’s favorite pooch. The model posts images of himself and his beloved dog nearly every day.

Schratter lives with two other models, Brendon Beck and Landon Falgoust. It’s not a bad life.

Rincon was just a puppy when Schratter found him.

Here, he poses with model pal Nigel Beauchamp.

But Rincon loves Schratter most.

They’re inseparable.

Rincon’s a little bit of a badass.

That’s what happens when you hang out with the cool kids.

Rincon and Schratter share a moment.

Rincon takes a snooze.

He’s mastered those begging eyes.


Rincon waits impatiently for dinner.

But he wants to be taken seriously.

He’s basically a dog model.

A dog model that exclusively hangs out with human models.

Who could resist that face?

Rincon even likes to cuddle.

He poses with model Nick Bateman like it’s no big deal.

This pooch is making the face I would have on if I were sitting in-between two male models.

He’s even modeled clothing (sort of).

Rincon’s a happy guy.

He just pretends to be fierce.

He even poses with Schratter’s roommates.

Rincon takes a heartfelt moment with Brendon Beck.

Look at that Blue Steel he’s serving.

Rincon plays it cool, just hanging with his model gang.


Photos Courtesy: Jules Schratter/Instagram

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