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Dog Stubbornly Waits Outside Open Door Until Owner Pretends To Open It (Video)

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Dogs can be incredibly cute, surprisingly heroic and fiercely loyal. While there is no shortage of positive adjectives you can use to describe man’s best friend, there’s one common attribute that most dog lovers don’t brag about: A canine’s ability to be an idiot.

You can give your dog all the training in the world, but you can only do so much to supplement the animal’s lack of common sense.

I’m sure this dog does a great job bringing joy into the life of everyone he encounters — maybe he’s even stopped a robbery or two thanks to his exemplary alertness and keen sense of smell.

Unfortunately, he seems to be lacking when it comes to one of the more important skills that almost everyone acquires over the course of his or her lifetime: the ability to tell whether a door is opened or closed.

He should probably work on that.

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