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‘Economy Minus’ Is The New Way Airlines Will Make Your Life Miserable

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Air travel is already cramped and stressful, but one major airline might be considering a change that would make it even more so.

An unnamed major airline is reportedly considering an “economy minus” seating option. That’s right; economy wasn’t low enough.

The airline news source, Runway Girl Network, reportedly spoke to an anonymous airline source who spilled the beans on the newest class.

The system would feature an “enhanced” economy class, regular economy seats and then “economy minus.”

“Economy minus” seats would give passengers a 30-inch seat pitch, which refers to the distance between seats. Depending upon the airline, regular seats traditionally have a pitch between 31 and 33 inches.

Runway Girl also points out that some airlines already offer a lowest-ticket price option, they’re just not calling it “economy minus.”

Delta’s Basic Economy class tickets don’t allow same day check in, any kind of change to the reservation or seat choices.

While the change is just a rumor, squeezing in a few more passengers seems fairly typical of airlines. You won’t be relaxing on your flights anytime soon, unless you want to pay extra for it.

H/T: Yahoo News, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It

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