Electronic device ensures fly is up, really improves awkward man’s life

This how-to from Instructables and Radio Shack seems to be posted without irony. Apparently, there are people whose flies are left open often enough and who feel embarrassed enough checking with their hands that an electronic fly checker really improves their quality of life…

(via b3ta)

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5 responses to “Electronic device ensures fly is up, really improves awkward man’s life”

  1. Jim Blass says:

    One must remember to remove the device before throwing them in the washing machine. Does one need a device for each pair of trousers? What about kilts?

  2. Ryan says:

    So instead of just remembering to zip your fly, you have to remember to press a button which will then remind you to zip your fly?

  3. bark of wonder says:


  4. Tim Coates says:

    At my age I don’t really care. If someone tells me “You’re fly is open”, I respond with the great Australian response “It’s OK, a dead parrot never falls out of its cage”.