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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Presidents’ Dogs



Being president is tough, so it makes sense that most of our nation’s leaders have done the job with dogs by their side. A new infographic shows that canines have been guiding and comforting U.S. presidents for more than 200 years, a true testament to the benefits of owning furry friends.

From George Washington’s American Staghound, Sweet Lips (odd name for a pup, but things were different in the 1700s, to say the least) to Barack Obama’s cutie-pie Bo, the White House has been home to lots of adorable, fun, and even strong-willed doggies. Pete, Teddy Roosevelt’s bull terrier, certainly fits the last description, as he ripped the pants off a French ambassador during a political event. If Pete were around today, he’d probably have a Facebook fan page like Bo Obama. As you’ll learn from the infographic below, being a First Dog ain’t such a bad life!

“First Dogs & Their Presidents” infographic provided by

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