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‘Failure’: FLOTUS hopes terrorists will live by the promise of hashtag [pic]

, , , , , ,!/AnthonyBialy/status/464153298824470529

Hashtag diplomacy is back, you guys. And this time, Michelle Obama is leading the charge:!/Heminator/status/464152990149279744

Very disappointed. Just look how sad FLOTUS looks:!/FLOTUS/status/464148654354628608

Poor, poor FLOTUS.!/fritzmorton/status/464150081466138626

Of course she is. That’s how we know she, like Hillary Clinton, is super-serious about wanting to save the lives of hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by radical Islamic terrorists.!/MetricButtload/status/464154895445000192!/Artist_Angie/status/464155837250801664

Surely a hashtag will tug at Boko Haram’s heartstrings, right?!/baldingschemer/status/464151676832587776!/SarahWW/status/464151112967139329!/NavyvetPC/status/464150493598871552

What an absolute joke.!/DeadBuffaloBlog/status/464156296984662016!/RBPundit/status/464151757577527296!/chelseagrunwald/status/464153674634522624

How far we’ve fallen.!/shoshido/status/464150702647181312!/seattlecourtney/status/464158006477746176!/flyoverangel/status/464149712350609408!/Tark31/status/464151247319490561!/Heminator/status/464153583261581312

Only a matter of time.!/charlescwcooke/status/464151129551421440

Pretty much, yeah:!/Tark31/status/464153159590768640

Bingo. Guess what, FLOTUS and friends: Actions speak a whole lot louder than asinine hashtags.!/sarahrstevenson/status/464151878293405696



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