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For Everyone Who Is Physically Attracted To Corrections Officer Bennett

1. For the unfortunate who do not know, Matt McGorry plays the adorable, sweet, and hot guard named Officer Bennett on your new favorite show, Orange Is The New Black.

2. WARNING: For those who haven’t started watching the show, you will probably fall in love with him by the second or third episode.

3. Now that you have been warned, here is a picture of him being felt up.

4. One of the highlights of Season 1 is this shirtless scene.

7. Before Orange Is The New Black took over your life, Matt was a personal trainer.

8. He also did some body building.

9. For those wondering, this is what his ass looks like while he’s bodybuilding.

10. This is what his front looks like while he’s bodybuilding.

11. And here’s some duckface.

13. And because I’m feeling nice, here’s the full video of him posing:

14. There are also videos of him squatting if that’s your thing.

15. And videos of him (BEING SO FUCKING ADORABLE) talking about fitness.

16. Oh yeah, here’s what he looks like as a lady.

17. Here’s what he looks like in black & white.

18. Here’s what he looks like touching a wall in a dark alley in black and white.

19. Here’s what he looks like bending over.

20. Here’s what he looks like looking down.

21. Here’s what he looks like when he takes a mirror selfie at a gym in some exotic location.

22. Here’s what the sun looks like on the left side of his face.

23. And here are some ridiculously cute GIFs.


24. Now I’ll leave you with more bodybuilding pics.

28. Detain me whenever you’d like!

Marry me.

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