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Graphic British News Reports Show Anti-Gay Gangs Targeting Russia’s LGBT Community

1. UK’s Channel 4 released a trailer for the upcoming news piece, “Hunted,” which details Russian gangs’ attacks on LGBT people.

2. The trailer shows the violence that LGBT people in Russia often experience.

3. Russian citizens are shown spewing hatred on the streets.


4. There’s also footage of a man being beaten.

7. UK’s Channel 4 also ran an investigative news report about Russia and the LGBT community on Jan. 20. It profiles several members of the LGBT community and anti-gay activists in Russia.

8. Pamela is the first character. She’s a drag queen at a hidden gay club in Moscow called Central Station.

“Personally, I feel things are ok for me, but I do feel the gay community as a whole is suffering.”

9. Sasha Semenova runs an organization that helps the gay community in St. Petersburg, Russia. She used to council two or three gay couples a year who wanted to immigrate from Russia. Now it’s two or three a week.

“I’m worried for my physical safety, but when I leave the office, I always have pepper spray because the homophobes are going around our office, and they’re making the photographs of people coming in and going out.”

10. A group of extremist vigilanties who prey on people they suspect are gay, beat them up, and accuse them of being pedophiles are common attackers.

The police tend to look the other way.

11. Tanya Ivanova and her partner live near St. Petersburg where their two kids go to school. They were blackmailed by their landlord for being gay.

“He’s written us that he would go to the school and he would tell everybody that we are a gay couple, and we had to pay him for that.” They paid him and he left them alone.

12. Oleg, a transsexual in St. Petersburg, is leaving Russia next month for Finland.

13. Vitaly Milonov is a lawmaker and co-author of an anti-gay law. He is very close with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“It’s a sin. It’s a way of life that has been chosen by these people. It’s not like they cannot live another way.”

The report Hunted will air on Feb. 5 on UK’s Channel 4 news show, Dispatches. Watch the trailer below.

Below is the news report that aired on UK’s Channel 4 on Jan. 20.

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