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Group Defending Proposition 8 Holding “9 Weeks Of Prayer For Marriage”

WASHINGTON — As the clock ticks down to when the Supreme Court will be considering the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8 on March 26 and 27, the organization working to keep Proposition 8 on the books is organizing a weekly prayer effort for different people involved in the cases.

Alan Sears — the chief executive officer and general counsel of the Alliance Defending Freedom — describes the effort in a video announcing the “9 Weeks of Prayer for Marriage.”

“We’re asking you, your friends, family, neighbors and church community to join Alliance Defending Freedom and our allies in faithfully praying, praying each week for different people and different things leading up to the Supreme Court arguments,” he says in the video.

In addition to prayers for people supporting their position in support of limiting marriage to one man and one woman, he also notes that each week will be including prayers for a person “opposing marriage,” saying, “We will pray for God’s best for them while also praying he reveals the societal harms of their position.”

Finally, he notes that one of the nine Supreme Court justices are included in each week’s prayers.

On sheets published for each week’s effort, the group is urging prayers for the lawyers fighting to uphold Proposition 8 and DOMA for them, their families and their “service on behalf of the just and worthy cause of protecting marriage.” Lawyers opposing the laws, on the other hand, get prayers “that God would manifest His goodness in [their] life.”

5. Week Two

Week Two

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8. Five Weeks Remain.

In addition to the prayer effort, the Alliance Defending Freedom is also putting forth an education effort — similar to action being advanced by groups seeking to have DOMA and Proposition 8 struck down.

Here is ADF’s DOMA video:

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