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Guy Takes Creativity To The Next Level With His Snapchat Doodles (Photos)

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Ah, Snapchat — it can be used for plenty of things, including sending scandalous photos of yourself to mere strangers.

Other Snapchat benefits include prying yourself from the depths of boredom by checking out other people’s photos and watching stories when you should probably be finalizing that Excel sheet.

Sometimes, photos of your privates and drunk Snapchat stories just aren’t enough.

There has to be more we can get out of one of the most-used apps out there.

One¬†Instagrammer named Evan Garber has it all figured out. The skilled doodler uses his awesome drawing technique to craft together some of the coolest Snapchats we’ve ever seen.

Whether he’s bringing his favorite childhood cartoon characters to life or simply using vibrant colors to make himself turn into a lobster, Garber can do it all.

Check out the other ways Garber uses his doodling to enhance his Snapchat experience below:

Making himself look like a straight-up baller:

Transforming himself into the crab he’s always wanted to be:

Bringing minions to life:

Making himself the first-ever Apple Watch owner:

Creepily stalking out his favorite video game characters:

Making Stitch look like fine art:

Expressing his deep love for Mondays:



Letting everyone know how awesome Shark Week really is:

Becoming a “lobster roll,” of course:

Bringing the iconic “duck face” to life:

Playing a quick game of popcorn tossing:

Making his #TBT posts even cooler than yours:

Catching the Cookie Monster red-handed:

Revealing the letter of the day:

And last, but not least, wishing Kermit a “happy birthday”:

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