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Guy’s Marching Band Proposal Is Perfect For His Drummer Girlfriend (Video)


Public wedding proposals are ballsy: If you’re going to pop the question in front of a crowd, you best be sure your significant other is going to accept.

Luckily, such was the case for Nic Burgess, who proposed to his girlfriend Kara Mullinax during a Jacksonville State University alumni band performance in front of a crowd of cheering attendees.

Mullinax, a drum major at the university, was leading the show and didn’t notice that her boyfriend had donned a marching band uniform and snuck into the performance.

The band, unbeknownst to Mullinax, began to perform a special song in honor of the upcoming proposal.

Midway through, band members flipped their drums around to face the crowd; on the bottom of each one was a letter, together spelling out “Kara, Marry Me.”

The stunned Mullinax ran out onto the field, where her boyfriend waited for his love on one knee — like that scene in “Never Been Kissed,” only better because this is real life.

You can watch the entire beautiful, romantic proposal in the video above.

Drumroll, please…

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