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Here Are 20 Ridiculous Cats Just Doing Cat Stuff

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Whenever my dog walks away from me when I’m talking to her, I find myself wondering when I signed up for a cat.

Notoriously finicky and almost impressively self-seeking, felines tend to err on the side of sass when it comes to tackling day-to-day life.

And if you have kitties of your own, you know that they’re prone to developing some bizarre habits. They may look all serious on the outside, and sure, they’ve probably stared you in the face while ruining half of your belongings just ’cause, but they can be just as weird as dogs when it comes down to it. We see past your I’m-way-too-evolved-for-this facade, furry friends.

In honor of their inherent strangeness, here are a few cats just doing cat stuff.

1. There’s nothing quite like this garbage response to fear.

2. For being intelligent creatures, they sure do have a skewed idea of how much of their bodies they can stuff into boxes.

3. That awkward moment when your internal battle between good and evil turns into this oddly literal confrontation.

4. Yes, that’s how it works.

5. I’m going to assume that this cat was watching someone scoop out the last spoonful of guac at Chipotle.

6. Same.

7. This feels like a totally reasonable way to get around.

8. “Hello, dog doing nothing to me. Time to die.”

9. I just feel like this shouldn’t be happening.

10. Here’s me when my Twitter mentions blow up with opinions I didn’t ask for.

11. You always need backup when you’re trying to maim unsuspecting mothers for no reason.

12. Loved ones: “You don’t need another lipstick.” Me:

13. Cats are great with kids, except when they’re not.

14. This is by far the best and most practical way to drink.

15. Here we have that guy who forgets how bathrooms work when he’s four beers deep.

16. “I hate water. Let’s walk around the tub for no reason. Perfect.”

17. Before college graduation: “My dreams are going to come true!” Two months after graduation:

18. “My cat loves me!”

19. She’s petrified of running water but this seems fine.

20. At the end of the day, being adorable is their specialty.

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