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Hipsters, Rejoice! You Can Keep Your Mustache Dry While Drinking Beer (Photo)

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Whisker DamWhisker Dam

Whisker Dam

If you’ve ever seen food — or worse, spit bubbles — trapped in a particularly unwieldy mustache, you’ll be especially appreciative of this invention.

The Whisker Dam is a copper barrier that mustachioed men (and um, ladies, I guess) can slip over their glasses of beer when drinking.

As the name implies, it keeps the drinker’s mustache from getting soaked and prevents the awkward mustache dribble post drink.

In short, it’s pretty genius — and the most hipster invention ever made.

The Whisker Dam — which is nontoxic — is available for $20 here.

If you’re searching for a last-minute gift for that hairy man in your life, consider your work done.


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